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Welcome to Food Safety Hygiene Training

Based on Australian Safety Food Guidelines and standards it has now become law that individuals and business that deal with Food Service and Preparation must ensure they have properly trained employees.

Our website will help answer your questions regarding Food Hygiene and Food Safety Training.

The Australian Food Safety Standards set out specific food handling controls related to the receipt, storage, processing, display, packaging, transportation, disposal and recall of food.

Other requirements relate to the skills and knowledge of food handlers and their supervisors, the health and hygiene of food handlers, and the cleaning, sanitising and maintenance of the food premises and equipment within the premises. If complied with, these requirements will ensure that food does not become unsafe or unsuitable

It is crucial for anyone who works in the catering industry to have a very good knowledge of food hygiene. If you run a café then your customers want to come in and buy your meals without worrying about whether you remembered to wash your hands or not. One of the very best types of advertising in the catering business is cleanliness. If your customers see that a café is clean and efficient then they are going to be coming back again. Think about it for yourself; if you go somewhere for a snack or a meal and it looks a bit on the dirty side then you wouldn’t fancy going back again, would you?

There are always horror stories going around about dirty restaurants. Several times, there have been a series of programs on television that are dedicated to finding and exposing the most unhygienic of establishments.

In recent years there are far more people who are concerned about the hygiene standards in restaurants and cafes. A lot of this is because of the exposes that have been shown on prime time television but it is also to do with awareness. Twenty or thirty years ago there was not so much emphasis on cleanliness. This is not meaning to say that all cafes were dirty (because they were not); it is just that, as a society, we are now far more aware of just how important food hygiene is.

Floors should always be kept clean and tidy. Food safety training will teach you that it is not only hygiene that needs to be considered... If things are left lying around on the floor then it is only a matter of time before someone trips over and hurts themselves. If any fluids are spilt then they should be cleaned up immediately. A few minutes spent mopping up a spill can save someone a lot of pain and discomfort. This may all sound like common sense but there are still too many injuries caused by this type of carelessness.

Work areas should obviously be kept clean but it is also very important that they are not piled up with cutlery and crockery. The more items that are left stacked up on a work space, the more chance there is of something falling off and causing an injury. A falling plate or bowl can be extremely painful if it lands on your toes.

It is important for everyone to have a basic knowledge of hygiene and safety, even in the home. The great news is that it is incredibly easy to get food safety training via the internet. There is a good selection of websites that have several different courses on offer. Whatever type of business it is that you work in there will be something that is suitable for your profession.

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